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Your Vision, Our Mission

Ophthalmic Consultants (OC) is a dynamic group of eye surgeons with vast professional and teaching experience, who are passionate about patient care and committed towards providing the best possible eye care to the patient.

Established in 1995, OC operates from two clinics located in Singapore at the Gleneagles Medical Centre. We specialise in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of eye conditions such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal eye diseases and more for both adults and children.

Supported by a dedicated team of nursing, optometry and paramedical staff, OC strives to provide comprehensive as well sub-specialty eye care to every one of our patients at an affordable cost.

In depth:

Cataract Surgery

What are cataracts and how can I treat them?
Cataract is an eye condition where clouding of the lens occurs in the eye, leading to blurry vision. Our eye surgeons have performed cataract surgery at over a decade and are highly skilled and experienced.
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Eye Surgeons Singapore

The Doctors

With over a decade of experience in Ophthalmic services, you should expect nothing short of professional consultation and effective treatment from our eye surgeons.

Eye care  Services for Cataracts Glaucoma and other retinal diseases or conditions

Our Services

Our clinic specializes in providing treatment and surgery for eye conditions such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Squints and more.

Clinical Assistants, Optometrists and Nurses at Ophthalmic Consultants

The Team

Offering the best eye care possible begins with a dedicated team medical assistants, optometrists and nurses who facilitate the quality patient care provided at our clinic.

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To restore your vision with us simply make an appointment with our Ophthalmologist, we look forward to seeing you at our clinic.