Our Mission Statement for Quality Eye Care Services
Our Mission

To pursue the best practice standards in general and sub-specialty ophthalmic care with dedication and compassion.

About Our Clinic

Our clinic was established in 1995 by a group of ophthalmologists committed towards the best practice standards in general and sub-specialised eye care.

Leading medical centres throughout the world offer sub-specialised eye care. For example, a complex retina problem is handled by a vitreo-retina sub-specialist whose skills have been honed through vigorous exposure to that specific area.

With a large team of fellowship-trained eye specialists who have vast experience in clinical care, teaching and research, we will ensure that your eye problems are managed in a comprehensive manner and if the need arises, by the appropriate sub-specialist.

Our group now has 7 specialists, all of whom have held key appointments in public institutions. While every doctor practices general ophthalmology and small incision cataract surgery, we offer expertise in all the sub-specialist areas of eye care.

We believe that close consultation and easy in-house referrals to the appropriate ophthalmologist for sub-specialist care when needed will offer the best treatment outcome for our patients.

The Doctors

Eye Surgeons Singapore

With over a decade of experience in Ophthalmic services, you should expect nothing short of professional consultation and effective treatment from our eye surgeons.

Our Services

Eye care  Services for Cataracts Glaucoma and other retinal diseases or conditions

Our clinic specializes in providing treatment and surgery for eye conditions such as Cataracts, Glaucoma and Squints.

The Team

Clinical Assistants, Optometrists and Nurses at Ophthalmic Consultants

Offering the best eye care possible begins with a dedicated team medical assistants, optometrists and nurses who facilitate the quality patient care provided at our clinic.


optical photography eye scan book an Appointment at our Clinic

To restore your vision with us simply make an appointment with our Ophthalmologist, we look forward to seeing you at our clinic.